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Here are documents and videos to help you understand more about our work and issues.


Movement Toward a Moral Economy addresses the theological underpinnings of what a moral economy is, and provides practical recommendations for state legislation and policies to get us there.  

Statement by like-minded organizations in response to Rep. Kiah Morris' withdrawal from her campaign for re-election because of racist threats.

Summary of the 2019 Statewide Convention, for use in newsletters or announcements

Schedule of our Fourth Annual Statewide Convention in 2019, with names of presenters

Research Report from the Corrections Reform Action at St. Paul's Cathedral in Burlington on Oct. 29, 2019


"Squeezing the Middle Class" takes a wry look at the state of the economy and how it is hurting middle class families.


Rev. Dr. Alvin Herring, Executive Director of the national network Faith in Action, addresses VIA's Fourth Annual Statewide Convention on Aug 16, 2019 via Zoom technology.